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Revealing Insights - The New Digostics Blog

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Hello and welcome to the first post of Insights - the new Digostics blog!

The truth is that the team at Digostics have been itching for us to start a blog for some time. 

We are all of different backgrounds and have arrived at the company via our own paths. However, there is a collective acknowledgement that our work means that we are not only in the fortunate position of contributing to the development of transformative new testing technologies, but by partnering closely with our customers and advisors, we are also learning from some of the most innovative, experienced, and brightest minds in the field of global diabetic medicine.

Every day is a figurative school day for us. Similarly, as oral glucose tolerance home testing represents such a novel and exciting new area of diabetes care for so many, we are flattered to receive frequent requests for our views.

Simply put, by starting Insights and documenting just a few of our thoughts, we aim to impart some of the knowledge we have derived from our own journey to improve diabetes testing, and of course, invoke a bit of healthy discussion along the way.

Exploring How We Can Improve Diabetes Testing

What subjects can you expect us to cover in Insights?  Well, its focus will primarily be on diabetes testing, specifically how it can be advanced. 

The very fact that you are reading this will likely mean you are fully aware of the gravity of the situation, but diabetes is spiralling out of control.  10% of all adults worldwide¹ are living with diabetes, meaning its impact is felt across millions every day irrespective of gender, ethnicity or geography.  Furthermore, 1 in 2 living with the condition are doing so undiagnosed².  To address the challenge of diabetes and prevent it from becoming the next great population health crisis, we must get far better at detection.  By exploring different themes associated with how we can improve diabetes testing, we are confident that the subject is sufficiently broad and interesting enough to provide plenty of scope for commentary.  
For our part, we will use this forum to demystify some of what is involved in implementing home diabetes testing and explore opportunities in this area that remain untapped. We also look forward to debating new diabetes news and research and its potential implications for improving diabetes detection. Additionally, we welcome the chance to lift the curtain just a little on the challenges we have successfully overcome at Digostics, and how we did so, to deliver the world’s first OGTT home testing service.  However, that is just a flavour of what you can expect from us. 

What Aspects of Diabetes Testing Pique Your Interest?

What we would also dearly like to do is provide a platform for guest posts on diabetes testing from those outside of Digostics. This might be from individuals willing to share their personal experiences of living with diabetes and how they were diagnosed, or the accounts of those working at the frontlines of diabetes prevention as healthcare professionals.

We will have our take on how to progress diabetes detection. What is yours? And where divergences exist, how might we work better together to close the gap?

And with the above in mind, do you potentially have something to say and might you wish to volunteer a post? Alternatively, is there a subject that you would like to see us cover? If so, drop us a line here as we would love to hear from you. 

In the interim though, already chomping at the bit, the Digostics team will get the figurative ball rolling with their first full post in due course.  Please consider subscribing to Insights to be notified when any new post is published!  


¹,² International Diabetes Federation Atlas 2021 - 10th Edition

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